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CHARIS is an umbrella organisation whose key Member Organisations are Catholic organisations and groups undertaking overseas humanitarian work. Our programmes include the following:

Humanitarian Aid Fund (HAF)

CHARIS has established a Humanitarian Aid Fund that can be used to provide grants and support to organisations and groups helping those in need in humanitarian and disaster situations.

Disaster Response

CHARIS coordinates the Church’s response and provides direct support in major disasters.


CHARIS promotes volunteerism for overseas humanitarian work and helps to recruit and match volunteers for overseas humanitarian trips.

Capacity Building

CHARIS works with its affiliates to enhance their capacity through training, networking and resource sharing.


CHARIS fosters the collaboration of overseas humanitarian work within as well as outside the Archdiocese. It maintains links with the other overseas humanitarian agencies in Singapore, the Caritas international network and other relevant organisations in the region.

Communication Platforms

CHARIS provides several platforms, including this online portal to promote the dissemination of the social mission message and the matching of needs and resources for overseas humanitarian work.

Formation and Mission Trips

CHARIS provides specific support to groups undertaking overseas humanitarian work through shared best practices, formation materials and resources and other logistical support. It also organises selected mission trips.


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