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What was an ad-hoc trip by a small group of friends to organise a Christmas party for children in Myanmar has become an annual initiative that has since been growing beyond its initial reach. In 2010, after hearing about the plight of underprivileged children in orphanages, a small group of friends made an ad-hoc trip to organise a Christmas party for children in Myanmar. They were moved to action after they visited the Girls Orphanage run by the Nuns, which provides girls from impoverished families and orphans with food, education and lodging. In the last 10 years, this initiative has grown and helped more than 8 orphanages and boarding houses in Myanmar and it is still growing beyond its initial reach.

Realising the importance of education to break the vicious cycle of the disadvantaged, Project Micah members are committed to ensuring the girls have sufficient resources to finish complete schooling to improve their literacy skills. The group has set up a library with English and Burmanese books for the children who are eager learners. To meet other basic needs, the group also organises hygiene talks for the girls. With the support of CHARIS funding, Project Micah helped the orphanage in the building of a water tank to provide water sustainability and extended its reach to poorer areas in Myanmar in the improvement of living conditions of the children in the orphanages and boarding houses.

Project Micah continues to be steadfast in fulfiling its mission 3 pillars; to act justly to enable education to poor children, walk humbly together with poor children through sustainable efforts and love tenderly in meeting the humanitarian needs of poor children. Moving ahead, the objective is to address the long term needs of the various orphanages, through partnerships with the local Zetaman Sisters and the Canossian Sisters based in Myanmar to support their mission work and thus bring joy to other lesser-known areas in Myanmar.



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