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Cahaya Masa Depan

Cahaya Masa Depan (CMD) can be translated from the Bahasa Indonesia as “Light of the Future”.


Everything started in 2015, when Harold volunteered for a year, with the Paris Foreign Missions (MEP), to help manage an household for underprivileged children in Tanjung Pinang, Bintan, called Asrama Santo Tarsisius. A year after this life changing experience he decided to create a charity that would support underprivileged children of Riau Islands to pursue their studies. The goal of the charity is to empower children in order to break the poverty circle.


CMD's Mission

CMD has over the past four years, sponsored multiple children aged 15 to 23, to go to high school and university. Some of them have already graduated to become a nurse or an electrician and are already making a positive impact in their communities ! The association guarantees a personalised follow-up for each student during their studies (help in defining objectives, follow-up of school reports, meetings with teachers, moral support, etc.).


In response to the COVID pandemic devastating effects, CMD saw a need to expand its scope of activities. The charity has now also a focus on healthcare. In order to help fight malnutrition, CMD has organised the distribution of staple food rations to poor families. Once possible, CMD would like to continue supporting underprivileged communities on health-oriented activities.




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