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Images courtesy of Montfort Technical Institute (MTI)

On Christmas Day in 2019, Typhoon Phanfone swept through central Philippines, resulting in people being displaced, and damage to facilities and properties. The Montfort Technical Institute in Aklan, Philippines, was not spared. The school building and staff faculty houses were damaged as a result. Roofs, gutters, and windows were broken and scattered in and around the classrooms. Some houses of the staff and faculty members were completely damaged, and others were partially damaged.

In the post-disaster recovery, the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel appealed for assistance to fund supplies of building materials. The staff and faculty members will provide their own manpower to repair the school and undertake the repair work on their houses. 

CHARIS has funded S$12,500 to provide construction materials to rebuild the house roofs and some parts of schools buildings that were damaged by the typhoon in Philippines.  


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