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myanmar floodRelief

4-7 Sep 2012

Relief aid distribution mission to flood victims in Thabaung township in the Irrawaddy Delta Region, Myanmar

In early August 2012, exceptionally heavy monsoons rains caused floods in Myanmar. In Karen State, more than 6,000 people were displaced and housed in emergency relief centres. In Shan State, one person died and 2 people went missing. In the Irrawaddy Delta Region, more than 3,000 families were affected and caused more than 12,000 people to seek refuge in emergency relief centres. 2,200 farms were damaged and the loss is estimated at 2 million Kyat (approximately S$29,800).

On 29 Aug 2012, CHARIS received information from another volunteer welfare organization, Man Fat Tong Welfare Society (Singapore based), that many villages in the Irrawaddy Delta Region were flooded after 37 days of continuous rains. The floods wiped out crops and destroyed homes of the impoverished farmers.

To meet the critical needs of the flood victims, CHARIS deployed a team to distribute family packs to 1,000 families in the Irrawaddy Delta Region. Each family pack contained a large blanket, a large floor mat, oil, 4kg rice, bread, coffee mix, dried shrimp paste and a variety of local staple condiments to eat with rice. Each family pack costs S$20.00.

“The victims are simple people. They were really grateful for the little which we shared with them. I saw some cry when they received their family packs and I felt their pain. I’m glad to be a Singaporean Catholic in Myanmar sharing solidarity with our Myanmese sisters and brothers”, said Debbie See, team member.

The team had also brought with them 2 inflatable rafts and 2 water purifiers which they gave to the Canossa Home (Canossian Mission) in Thanlyin in  Yangon. This Canossian Mission cares for 11 marginalized children and also trains batches of young Myanmese ladies in academic and life skills so that they can be returned to their respective villages to teach their fellow villagers.



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