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May 2016:

Since 15 May 2016, heavy inter monsoonal rains have poured down on Sri Lanka. This has led to floods, landslides and strong winds that have left many in Sri Lanka displaced. As of 23 June, it has been reported that there have been 96 deaths and 99 people still remain missing. The total number of people affected by this disaster is 272,627. The reported full physical damages from the disaster are 680 homes.

Caritas Sri Lanka giving out relief

Caritas Sri Lanka staff giving out food and non-food relief supplies to families. Photo by: Caritas Sri Lanka.

The Disaster Risk Management (DRM) unit of the Caritas National Centre in Sri Lanka is currently in contact with all Diocesan centres. The National Centre has advanced 4,333 Euros from their reserve funds to 5 diocesan centres. Caritas Sri Lanka has also begun a programme to provide dry food relief items and non-food items such as bedsheets and drinking water to 6,300 families impacted by the disaster.



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