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April 2016:

20160427 CI Ecuador EQ

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Caritas Ecuador are working hard to assist survivors of the Earthquake. Photo by: Eduardo Naranjo for Catholic Relief Services

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake which occurred on 16 April 2016, has left a trail of destruction in parts of Ecuador. The epicenter of the quake occurred at a depth of 19.2km in the Pacific Ocean. Caritas Ecuador has reported that many coastal towns of Ecuador such as Muisne, Manabi and Pedernales are the hardest hit by the earthquake. 

20160427 CI Ecuador EQ 2

La Chorrera located near the coastal area of Pedernales remains vulnerable with destroyed houses, no water and sanitation and medicines. Photo by: Eduardo Naranjo for Catholic Relief Services.

20160427 CI Ecuador EQ 3

The latest reports from Caritas Ecuador indicate that there have been 655 deaths, 48 missing, 1,125 homes and buildings destroyed and 720,000 population in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Reports have indicated that there has been a gradual restoration of electricity and drinking water in some of the most populated cities. However, most affected communities and parishes near Pedernales and Portoviejo still have no services. Networks on the ground have indicated that small towns and secluded areas are in need of relief and attention.

Caritas Ecuador is working with CRS to prepare a statement calling for solidarity to be shared across the CI Network. The EA that Caritas Ecuador and CRS are working on has not yet been released but progress is being made. The preliminary proposal EA is working on the full recovery of most affected sites in Muisne cantons and also provinces of Esmelralda, Pedernales and Manabi. This is done through providing food and nutrition support, livelihood procurement, housing reconstruction, spiritual, psychological and social support and capacity building capabilities.



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