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December 2015

201512 SouthIndiaFloods

The heaviest rainfall in over 100 years has battered the Southern Indian coastal states of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh. The heavy rains have caused widespread flooding especially in the state of Tamil Nadu, where thousands have been forced to leave their homes in Chennai City. The floods have been intensified by the fact that the government has released 20,000 cubic ft per second of water from Chembarambakkam lake into the Adyar River in Chennai.

As of 2nd December 2015, the floods have resulted in a death toll of 188, which is expected to rise as more heavy rainfall is forecasted for the week ahead. Three lakes in the Kanchipuram district have also been breached due to the heavy rainfall and inflows. The power supply has also been cut off in 60% of city locations and flight, bus and train services have been disrupted as the city is inundated by water.

The government of India has responded by formally opening 40 shelters in Chennai City and evacuating nearly 4,000 people living on the banks of the Adyar river to safer zones. The military in Tamil Nadu has also been put on standby to deal with the situation should it escalate over the next few days. The National Disaster Rescue force has also been dispatched in boats to aid people affected by the floods in Chennai.





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