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April 2019



At least 14 people have been killed as parts of the country have been lashed by thunderstorms and high winds, triggering flash floods in some areas.

According to Al Jazeera, eleven of those killed died from flooding in the Southwestern Province of Balochistan, while three others died in Karachi, the country's largest city, from injuries resulting from high winds knocking over roofs, electricity poles and other infrastructure.

The source of livelihood of about 60-70% of the population directly or indirectly depend on agriculture. Wheat is one of the cash crops and is also the main source of food for the whole year. This year’s heavy rains and dust storms damaged the standing wheat crops as the harvesting season was about to begin. The affected communities, in particular small farmers owning of 2-3 acres of land, are largest hit after the loss of 50-70% of wheat crops.
Caritas Internationalis has launched a Rapid Response. Through this Rapid Response, Caritas Pakistan is looking to provide immediate relief to 2,600 flood-affected households through the provision of food, shelter and livelihood support.


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