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August 2018

The Gaza strip has already a weak public health infrastructure that is overburdened by continuous conflicts, making humanitarian response critical. The ongoing violence along the Israel/Gaza border resulted in the deaths of Palestinians, and injured thousands of others among the thousands of Palestinians.

With limited access to water, power and sewage disposal, and combined with overcrowding housing, the risk of diseases spreading has increased rapidly. After the 2014 conflict, primary healthcare facilities were closed, and access to health services was limited. 

The provision of basic services in Gaza remains a key humanitarian concern. The number of permit applications denied or delayed by Israel to access health care outside Gaza has also been on the increase, reaching 45 percent of applications in October 2017. Primary healthcare facilities are going to be critical to the ongoing care of the thousands of Palestinians who are injured in potential future conflicts. 

Caritas Jerusalem coordinates with other health NGOs in order not to duplicate the work and implement health intervention in areas where there is no access or very limited access to healthcare. Hence, Caritas Jerusalem is seeking funding to continue the health intervention in Gaza for the next 6 months (around 120 000 euros) where there is a huge need. Caritas Jerusalem, Gaza Health Centre Branch, is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to patients of all ages in marginalized areas in the Gaza Strip.



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