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August 2018

2018 06 14 SITREP 1 Floods in NE

Kerala is experiencing the largest disaster of floods and landslides after 1924. On 8 – 9th August Kerala got an average of 20cms rain caused havoc in many parts of Kerala leading to heavy mud flow due to landslides and the opening of the shutters of the dams causing a heavy flow of muddy water through medium and large streams resulting damage on the sides of the streams/rivers. Landslides and mass movement occurred in more than 500 locations in the high range of Idukki and Wayanad District. Soil and Relief in this area are susceptible to Landslides. 

The State Disaster Management Authority’s assessment states that a total of 55,007 hectares of agriculture land including 32000 hectares from Kuttanad has been submerged. The water level has not receded in some parts of the state particularly in Kuttanad region. In other places where water has receded, people's daily routines are still disrupted.

  • Most of the families have lost all their belongings as they were evacuated and moved to the relief camps and Government Institutions with the help of local leaders and Church institutions are providing necessities like dry food (rice, pulses, oil, sugar), cloths etc. Immediate support of food is proved in the camps; however, no response plan is seen for the affected population after the return at home.
  • Many families lost their primary source of income as most of the agricultural land has been damaged. It is estimated that 21634 hectares (collected from the district administration, Caritas India Partners) of land is damaged. Even daily laborers aren’t able to go to work due to non-functional roads. There is a huge livelihood loss in terms of agriculture and daily wage earners.
  • Shelter damage is in good numbers – compensation is announced for shelter, however, the process may delay. Rain is anticipated until next week, so vulnerable populations need support. 459 houses are fully damaged, and 3686 houses are partially damaged and require support for rebuilding.
  • Many of the remote areas where tribal families reside are affected due to landslides and high-intensity rainfall. Some of the tribal hamlets in Wayanad (Makkimala in Thavinjal Gram Panchayat, Bavali in Tirunelli Gram Panchayat, Edamunda in Thindarnadu Panchayat, Noolpuzha in Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat, Idiyamvayal in Pozhuthana Gram Panchayat, Mullamkolli in Mullamkolli Gram Panchayat of Wayanad and Koonakkadkudi in Marayoor Gram Panchayat of Idukki District) need more support.


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