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June 2017:

On 23 May 2017, the city of Marawi was seized by a group of gunmen, claiming to be Islamic militants. Following that, the Philippines government declared martial law over the southern part of the country and clashes between the militants and the military forces of the government have ensued. Marawi is also currently on lockdown. On 4 June 2017, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) initiated a “humanitarian pause” enabling the government to rescue at least 134 civilians caught in the crossfires. 

To date, 218,665 individuals have fled the hostilities in Marawi City, seeking safety in evacuation centers or with relatives (6,205 families with 29,573 individuals home-based and 189,092 individuals in evacuation centers).

Our partner, NASSA/Caritas Philippines has deployed a team to assess the situation in Marawi city and the surrounding nearby cities such as Iligan City and Lanao Del Norte province, which has been receiving many of the evacuees. 

After initial assessments, NASSA/Caritas Philippines is planning to provide emergency needs to 2,500 families who have been evacuated to Iligan city. These include food and essential household items, programmes to improve awareness of hygiene practices and psycho-social support. 



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