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May 2017:

Since 25 May 2017, heavy rains have battered the Southern and South Central parts of Sri Lanka. This has resulted in floods and landslides, which are the worst the country has experienced since 2013. Over 200 people have died from the disaster, with many still missing. Initial assessments indicate that at least 5,000 houses have been damaged and more than 631,000 people have been displaced from their homes. There is an urgent need for secure shelter, food and water.

The Sri Lankan government has made provisions to evacuate those living on the low lying regions and rivers. They have also arranged relief measures to help the affected families. The security forces have also been deployed to aid in relief operations.

Our partner, Caritas Sri Lanka has launched an emergency appeal requesting for resources to support its rapid response to serve the affected areas. It aims to work together with the local churches to reach out to at least 10,500 people impacted by the disaster.



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