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Tana River Life Foundation, and their beneficiaries would like to congratulate Singapore in celebrating 200 years of the Catholic faith and expresses their gratitude for all that they have received from you through CHARIS.

With your blessings, we were able to support Tana River Life Foundation in co-funding the construction of two classroom blocks for Mti Charaka Primary School. The availability of permanent classrooms enables a more conducive learning environment for the entire local community around Mti Charaka who have children studying in the primary school. The school was originally one of the most dilapidated school in the Tana Delta, with a large student enrolment comprising of children of subsistence farmers, indigenous hunter-gatherers, and fishermen. The work of Tana River Life Foundation empowers people so they can independently make a better life for themselves and their larger communities in freedom and dignity.

Just like how the light of Christ was brought to our land by missionaries from faraway lands 200 years ago, the blessings of our brothers and sisters in Singapore have enabled us to ignite and shine forth to bring hope to our neighbours.  


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