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During this year of celebrations, we are called to reflect on our past and deepen our faith through penance and sacrifice.
A Pledge to Encounter is an initiative which will run till the end of Dec 2021, and through this, we seek to bring hope to our neighbours by being in solidarity spiritually with them.

Each sacrifice offers a unique personal experience and provides a glimpse into the daily struggles of our overseas beneficiaries through the one-month journey.
By walking in our brothers and sisters’ shoes, may we recognise the face of Christ in their suffering, and encounter God's abundant love and blessings in our lives here in Singapore.

Select one of the 7 available pledges below:

200 years ago, the light of Christ was brought to our land, let us ignite and shine forth to bring hope to our neighbours.
Each one-month journey will allow you to contribute 8 hours in the Catholic200SG's Works of Charity counter.


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